Caritas Moldova Social programme is based on social inclusion of people in need. This is an obligation directly linked to human rights. Inclusion might be seen as another way to build communion. This means that a process of active inclusion cannot be a unilateral task assigned to those who are lacking resources or those who are providing resources.

Caritas Moldova committed to provide services for people in need, excluded and having limited access to education, social benefits etc. through social projects based on family integration, education assistance and prevention of homelessness and inclusion of elderly people, searching for local resources and empowering the community members.

This is achieved through:
  1. Support of elderly people. Psychological and social assistance of lonely elderly people is provided in Chisinau, Ribnita and Stauceni.
  2. Reintegration of homeless people in society through the Night shelter for homeless people „Stefanus” in Stauceni, Chisinau municipality. Homeless persons receive a night shelter, personal hygiene services, food supply, social and moral rehabilitation, medical cure, reintegration in the family and at work.
  3. Providing urgent assistance to persons being at social risk: illness, accident, disability, ageing, demise, maternity, unemployment, social inadaptability, etc. Assistance is provided by offering humanitarian aid, food supply, personal hygiene items, school supply, etc.
  4. Social reintegration of children with disabilities, training of parents, relatives, community groups and experts in assistance and care of children with special needs.

Projects implemented within this Field of Activity:


We provide dignity in night shelter…

THANKS TO CARITAS MOLDOVA INTERVENTION,THESE HOMELESS PEOPLE GOT: a decent place to sleep, a hot meal, possibility to have a shower, possibility to change their cloths assistance to obtain documents mobilisation of their own resources in contact with their relatives/friends in...