Through the Roman Catholic Parish “Sacred Heart of Jesus” in Stăuceni, Caritas Moldova has created a specialized service for homeless people. On December 6, 2006 a night shelter for the homeless, named “St. Stefan” opened its doors to provide refuge to those in need. The shelter offers a chance to those who are living on the street to make a change in their lives, whilst respecting the right of individuals.

Goal: To contribute to the social reintegration of the most marginalized areas in the Republic of Moldova.

Implementation period: 2006 – present

Methods of implementation: 15 places of shelter for a maximum of six months; Most important assistance: food, personal hygiene, medical aid; Help to find a place to live, reintegration into the family unit, or placement in a care home for the elderly; improve the psychological and emotional state of the recipients through various activities taking place at the shelter

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So far, 498 people have benefited from the services of the Night Shelter “Saint Stefan”:

50   people have received ID documents;
 15  people have been given disability support;
85   people have returned to their families;
 18   people got married;
87  people have gained employment;
16    people received treatment from TBC;
22   people were transferred into care homes for the elderly;
  1   person obtained the legal ownership of his house;
  7   people were hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital;
61   people are living in rented accommodation;

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Project Coordinator: Arina Zîcu

Night Shelter administrator: Adam Bojanowski

Social Assistant: Maria Zaicenco


We provide dignity in night shelter…

THANKS TO CARITAS MOLDOVA INTERVENTION,THESE HOMELESS PEOPLE GOT: a decent place to sleep, a hot meal, possibility to have a shower, possibility to change their cloths assistance to obtain documents mobilisation of their own resources in contact with their relatives/friends in...