„The Elderly Day Center” was founded with the support of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. He donated money he received as birthday present to the Elderly in Need Cause based in Moldova.  

Goal: Psychosocial assistance for lonely elderly people in Ribnita

Implementation: 2008 – present

Achievements: Each year 15 people have benefited from activities at the Center, including craft workshops, psychological counselling, entertainment, sport and social activities, medical care, and hot meals. There were also organized visits to museums and concert halls, and the celebration of various holidays. At the craft workshops, the elderly have made: woven socks, gloves, and scarves, crochet dolls and handbags, and have learnt how to use recyclable materials. There is a medical assistant at the Centre who takes care of each resident who can enjoy massage therapy services.

Donor: Caritas Vienna