In 2009 employees of the organization BUNDESIMMOBILIENGESELLSCHAFT GmbH (BIG) from Vienna, Austria showed a high interest in supporting children in Moldova. Out of this came the desire to be more involved, providing not only material assistance but also affection and love, almost acting as a Godparent. Consequently, disadvantaged families whose children needed support were identified with the help of priests from local parishes.

Purpose: To support children living away from their families;

Implementation period: 2009-present

Methods of realization

- Financial aid for children from disadvantaged families;

- Material aid (clothing, footwear, toys, school supplies, etc.) and individual care/support for children from disadvantaged families;

- A yearly visit to the adopted children, who are living away from their families – the ‘godparents’

- Written correspondence between adopted children and godparents


- Support (financial, material and moral) given to 35 children from 23 families in urban and rural areas of the Republic of Moldova, including the Transdniestria region.


National Bureau Coordinator: Iulian Mariuta