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In 2009, Ion Tulei was the victim of a tragic auto accident, which left him bedridden with numerous fractures.

Ion Tulei-min1


The complete diagnosis – vertebral compression fracture (Th11 -Th12) with paralysis of the lower limbs.


In order to recover the ability to walk, Mr. Ion Tulei needs a complex replacement surgery on the left knee and right hip.

Unfortunately, doctors from Moldova cannot performed such a surgery, so Mr. Tulei had contacted a clinic from Odessa. Doctors from Odrex Clinic have given assurances that Mr. Ion is likely to get on his feet again, however, the surgery and postoperative treatment are very costly.  The costs are over 20,000 Euro.


The first intervention is planned for the beginning of September, as Mr. Ion has a open wound at the thigh level. Caritas Moldova has contributed financially to this case and calls upon people with big heart to donate.

For those willing to help Mr. Ion Tulei, can do by getting in touch with Foundation “Caritas Moldova” or transferring money directly to the account of Mr. Ion Tulei.

Banking details:

Beneficiary: ION Tulei

Personal code: 0981101341895

Bank Account MDL: 22592264718

Bank Code: AGRNMD2X

B.C. Moldova Agroindbank, branch from Stefan Voda district


Oxana Bezusco-min

Oxana Bezuşco is a mother of a 2-year-old-boy.


In November 2014, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the femur (bone cancer).


In December 2014, Oxana has followed a course of chemotherapy, but the treatment has not shown any improvements.

The solution for Oxana is to completely and safely remove the tumor and a hip implant surgery.


Doctors from Moldova have no experience and necessary equipment to perform such a surgery, so it is very risky to be done here. Oxana had contacted Medpark (Samsun) clinic from Turkey, from which she has received a positive answer.


Doctors from Turkey agreed to perform a surgical operation, but the cost of the intervention is over $ 35,000.


Being helped by relatives and friends, family managed to gather a part of money. Oxana asked “Caritas Moldova” to give support in raising funds for surgery and treatment in Turkey. Most of all Oxana wants to resume her health, to raise her son and always be near him.

Caritas Moldova calls on people of good faith to help Oxana fulfill her dream.

Banking details:

Beneficiary: OXANA BEZUŞCO

Personal code: 2000002112394

Bank Account MDL: 2225710SV86148907100

Bank Code: MOBBMD22

B.C. “Mobiasbanca-Groupe Societe Generale” S.A.