Easter Campaign „Table of Joy”.


Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova, in partnership with Social Mission Diaconia of the Basarabien Mitropoly, implement for the 3rd consecutiv year Easter Campaign „Table of Joy”.

The goal: collecting food for the soup kitchen where daily service receive a hot lunch lonely elderly, homeless people, and also for bedridden patients.

When: on 23rd of April 2016.

Where: Green Hills Market Bălți, Linella Stăuceni, Linella Bălți, Unimarket Bălți, Fourchette Bălți, Fourchette Tiraspol.

How can you take part in a charity campaign?
Become a volunteer! On 23rd of April be the one who attract people to donate. Fill the form below and we will contact you shortly.
Make a donation of food! On 23rd of April buy non-perishable food and leave them in a basket for raising funds.

What can you donate?
Foundation Caritas Moldova invites you to get close to people in need.
Donate nonperishable food like: pasta, canned goods, butter, cereals.

Your donation will fill an empty plate!

Shops where we collect/donate foodstuff:

mun. Bălți: com. Stăuceni, mun. Chișinău:
1. Green Hills Market, str. N.Iorga, 11/3 1. Linella, str. A.Mateevici, 9B
2. Unimarket, str. Ștefan cel Mare, 57 mun. Tiraspol:
3. Linella, str. Bulgară, 136 1. Fourchette, str. Lunaciarski 24
4. Fourchette, str. Hotin, 17  
5. Fourchette, str. Alexandru cel Bun, 5