Choose Childhood Dreams

In the context of the International Children’s Day (June 1), Caritas Moldova organizes the charity campaign “Choose Childhood Dreams”.

Time frame:

May 25 – June 25, 2020

For 25 years, annually, at the Caritas Moldova children’s centres, over 200 children, aged 3-18 from socially vulnerable families, have been taught to dream and make efforts to achieve their dreams.

Do you want to know what children in need dream of, what motivates them and how they propose to change their gloomy destiny?!

Welcome to Caritas Moldova Charity Foundation, choose a child’s dream from the DREAM TREE and make it come true!

Tell us about your childhood dreams!

Do you remember how you felt when a loved one fulfilled one of your most beautiful childhood dreams? Or how did you feel when you couldn’t fulfil that dream, even if it was a small one? Our children, from the 5 centres that Caritas Moldova takes care of, wish to celebrate the 1st of June with fulfilled dreams, with sincere gifts that will make them forget about poverty and aspire to a beautiful future.

How can you contribute to the realization of children’s dreams?!

• “Choose” a dream of a child from the real tree, which is in the yard of Caritas Moldova headquarters, 30/1 Gheorghe Asachi Street in Chisinau (opposite the Police Academy), Monday-Friday between 9.00-17.00, and make it a reality.

• “Choose” a child’s dream from the list published below and Donate the amount needed to fulfil the chosen dream, and we will make sure that it “reaches” the child;

• Donate the desired amount and together with other donors contribute to the realization of a bigger dream;

• Be ambassador of the “Choose Childhood Dreams” campaign, help us reach the hearts of more people and realize as many childhood dreams as possible;

• Donate for the “Choose Childhood Dreams” campaign and the donations received will be used to realize the dreams of all children;

• You can donate by bank card transfer with a click on the red DONATE button;

For details you can leave a message here or call: 069850678 – Mihaela

Thank you!

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