Donate against poverty!

During the holiday’s periods, we have the opportunity to provide, to the neediest, the hope for a better world! We invite you to donate 1kg of any non-perishable product to the collection boxes installed inside Hypermarket BONUS (Tiraspol 5 Street) and Hypermarket VELMART (Cantemir 6 and Brâncuşi 3):

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Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova in partnership with Hypermarket BONUS, organizes annually a collecting campaign of food and hygiene products “Donate 1 kg against poverty!”

Release Year: 2016
Partner: Hypermarket BONUS and Hypermarket Velmart
Beneficiaries: needy people living in extreme poverty: children from socially vulnerable families, lonely elderly.


Together we become better, we can offer a little help to those in need!

  1. 700kg of food and hygiene products
  2. 140 food packages
  3. 35 volunteers involved