„The Surprise Box”

The Charity Foundation “Caritas Moldova” in partnership with “Sebo.md” have launched the campaign «The Surprise Box”; the campaign will take place in the period 1-27 December 2017.

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„Dear parents, within the family, children learn by example of their relatives to share things with other children. We invite you to join the campaign The Surprise Box by involving your children in making a Christmas present for a poor child. All you need is an empty box which you can decorate and put inside it the gifts for a child (a boy or a girl aged between 2 and 13 years). Be careful about the things you choose, these have to be new, nonperishable and not fragile. So you can give toys, clothes, school supplies, nonperishable sweets – according to the age of the chosen child. Bring the Surprise Box, at one of the collecting points: Social Centre ”Caritas Moldova” in Chisinau, 30/1 Gh.Asachi str., ”Sebo.md” branches in Chisinau, Balti, Ceadir Lunga or Edinet.”

The objective of the campaign: collecting gifts for 100 children from underprivileged families from Moldova.

Beneficiaries of the campaign: Boys and girls aged between 2 and 13 years.


What do you need to get involved?

  1. A box
  2. Wrapping paper. You will find many types of wrapping paper with Christmas thematic.
  3. Scissors/ cutter
  4. Time and  some money to buy things you want to give as present for a child (you decide the gender and age)

What can you put in the box?

Wrap the box nicely and put inside all you want to give. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Sweets (e.g. chocolate, waffles, cookies etc.); don’t put inside perishable things like bananas, oranges or yoghurt.
  2. School supplies: notebooks, pencils, watermarks, drawing books, satchels etc.
  3. Toys suitable for the age of the child.
  4. Hygiene items like toothpaste, tooth brush, shower gel, shampoo.
  5. A Christmas post card where you can write a congratulation message for that child (feel free to put down you contacts so that you keep in touch in the future if you want)
  6. Clothing items: a scarf, a hat, gloves, socks etc. anything suitable for the age and gender of the child.
  7. Any other thing that you consider will make a poor child happy.

Validity and content.

  1. Put inside the box anything that goes in, anything you want and think a child needs, according to age and gender. Chose the things according the age that are more or less usable at the time they receive the present.
  2. Don’t put in the box things that you wouldn’t like yourself to get. All things should be new. Things that cannot be used anymore belong to the trash bin, not in the Surprise Box. Make a present in the way you would like to receive a present; cleaning your place and afterwards offering as present things you wanted to throw away is not the way to go.
  3. Please don’t put inside perishable food stuff (fruits, yoghurt) or things that could break during transportation (glassware, ceramics etc.)
  4. Don’t seal off the boxes; we will do it together when you bring the boxes: we will seal and put special stickers where the age and gender is written.

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This year you can be Santa Claus for poor children.