Czech Republic and Moldova fight together for a dignified life

Between 23-26 September 2014, Caritas Moldova hosted as guests the friends and colleagues from Caritas Czech and Caritas of Ostrava-Oprava diocese – the director of National Czech Caritas and of the Caritas of Ostrava-Oprava diocese, Mr. Lukas Curylo, the president of the Caritas of Ostrava-Oprava diocese, Mons. Jan Larisch, together with the collaborators Mr. Luboš Tuma and Mr. Ondřej Rozkopal.

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Czech colleagues visited the patients and the beneficiaries of the“Homecare” and “A dignified life” projects, that are implemented in Caritas Grigorauca with the financial support of theNational Czech Caritas and Caritas of Ostrava-Oprava diocese.

Due to the Czech financial support, Caritas Grigorauca can provide permanent homecare services for 44 patients (prevention of pressure sores, bandages, injections, compresses, measuring temperature, blood pressure, glucose, bathroom, shaving, psycho-emotional support, drugs checking, changing bed and body laundry, washing laundry, cleaning, food and other products buying, etc). Some elderly beneficiaries receive monthly financial assistance, medicines and food packages.

With this occasion was organized a meeting of the Czech delegation with His Excellence Anton Coșa, Bishop of Chisinau. During the visit, it was highlighted the importance of collaboration between the two Catholic Churches – from Moldova and Czech Republic, in the spirit of solidarity and fraternal ecclesial communion, as the Christians from the both regions can wholeheartedly answer Christ’s call for care of weakest and poorest from us.


With this occasion, His Excellence Anton Coșa, reiterated the necesity of forming „the heart”

of Caritas workers from the both organizations, which being excellent professionals, need guidance and assistance of the Church, so that the services and help provided by them would be more than just programs and projects, but first of all, an expression of merciful love of God and announcement of the Gospel charity.

The two dioceses, Ostrava-Oprava and Moldova, signed a cooperation agreement, reinforcing the decision of collaborating in the next years, for the benefit of the all people in need from the Republic of Moldova. 

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