Thinking about children with special needs

Today, 19.05.15, we visited renovation yard of the Kindergarten of the Pilot Center of Curative Pedagogy “Orpheus”, or. Chisinau with Mr Hans Possegger. The repair began in August 2014 and will be completed by late September 2015.

Thanks to German donors (German Government and the organization German Catholic bishops ”Renovabis”) and Chisinau Municipal Council, Caritas Moldova changes all roofs, thermo and water insulated completely eight blocks of kindergarten, changes all the windows and doors, builds access ramps for persons with special needs at all entrances, changes all the electrical, heating and sanitation systems, and is performing indoor capital repair works in five blocks of the kindergarten.

From October children with special needs from Chisinau municipality will be able to go to kindergarten with no danger to their health, even floors in classes are thermo insulated. The children will have more opportunities in the future, especially as the number of groups will be expanded to eight and from 50 children will be 120.

Yet, we have to solve the problem with equipment and furniture for the kindergarten. All people with big hearts are invited to make a contribution – we are sure that the children will appreciate your donation that makes the difference.