Almost every day we receive requests for help from people in need, which we cannot handle.

YOU can be the ONE who will make the life of a person in need – easier!

You can give clothes, shoes, toys, books, furniture, technical equipment and other things, but please take into consideration that these goods will go to a human being like you, so it is important to provide these goods in a good condition!

See below the top of the most frequent requests
addressed to our Mission:

a) Winter / summer clothes for children and adults;

b) Food;

c) Medicines;

d) Personal hygiene items;

e) School supplies;

f) Payment for utility services;

g) Payment for medical services, surgeries;

h) Leisure items (toys and books).

To donate goods please fill the following form and we will contact you very soon!

First Name, Last Name (you can keep anonymity)


Contact telephone number:

For whom you want to donate?

What do you want to donate?

When you have the opportunity to bring these goods?