Secondary vocational education is part of the national education system and is aimed to forming and development of skills, competencies and professional relationships among high school graduates. The main problem faced currently vocational education in the Republic of Moldova is a mismatch between the skills and competence of students from vocational schools, accordingly, the needs and requirements of the labour market.

Caritas Moldova, understanding the relevance of the problem and the need to solve them set goals to implement social and educational programs in Moldova aimed to modernize vocational schools.

Goal: improvement of education facilities and quality of education at the Vocational school  Period of implementation: 2014 – present

Achievements: 360 students aged between 14-18 years will have refurbished laboratories.

For the moment working on the technical project of reconstruction, which will include changing windows and doors redesign areas, complete renovation of toilets, laboratories and classes, renovation of plumbing, electrical, and ventilation. School administrations with the students have already started work on dismantling the old systems, which will facilitate the construction starts.

The start of construction is scheduled in the first decade of September of 2014.

Donors: Caritas Switzerland, Leopold Bachmann Foundation

National Bureau Coordinator: Iulian Turcu