Objective: Creating the necessary conditions for the rehabilitation and integration of children with disabilities of preschool and school age.

Implementation period: 2013-2016 years.


Parent Association for the Advancement of inclusive education addressed to «Caritas Moldova» a request to respond to the call for assistance to children with special educational needs attending complex pilot therapeutic education. The deplorable conditions of the building of the kindergarten, does not allow properly provide the assistance for these needed children. So, in partnership with the German charitable foundation Renovabis we have reached out to children in need of support and care. Before the beginning of the renovation it was necessary  to make technical expertise, geological surveys and compile technical renovation project. Kindergarten is located in close proximity of groundwater that constantly floods the basement of the building, leading to its destruction.

Successes: Construction work in accordance with the implementation plan began in June 2014. The project is planned for about two years, and the cost of construction work according to the project assignment is about EUR 1 million, while the project provides overhaul all eight kindergarten. Currently, the institution is able to accept only 50 children; Our goal – to achieve the expansion of the area of ​​all buildings, after which they will be able to engage in at least 120 children of preschool and school age.

Donor: Charitable Foundation of the Catholic Church in Eastern Europe “Renovabis.”

National Bureau Coordinator: Iulian Turcu.

After a period of two years, the project was completed, and on 18 April 2016 was inaugurated kindergarten.

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Photos of the kindergarten after renovation: