This programme comes to help children and youth providing them alternative opportunities of personal development, reintegration in school environment, promoting the healthy style of life, solid moral principles, supporting people which find themselves in difficult social and economic circumstances through educational programmes, as the most effective way to escape poverty.

This is achieved through:

  1. Educational programmes for children and youth, resocialization of children from vulnerable families, prevention of school abandonment, social integration of children with disabilities. The given services are provided through the Daily centres (in Ribnita and Balti cities, Rascov village, Camenca district), Creative workshop for children from Bender/Tighina, Preschool education  centres for children from rural areas in Stircea village, Glodeni district and Slobozia-Rascov village, Camenca district, Daily centre and temporary shelter for children from socially vulnerable families „Petrusca” from Tiraspol.
  2. Social reintegration of children with disabilities, training of parents, relatives, community groups and experts in assistance and care of children with special needs.