In 2001, the Roman Catholic Parish of “St. Marta” in Sloboda-Rashkovo created a day centre for pre-school children because of the absence of a kindergarten in the village. Parents who went to work were unable to leave their children alone at home. At the request of parents and the initiative of the local Priest, a centre for children was opened where nuns stayed with the children for the first half of the day. The children were provided with food, and an interactive educational program. The centre was developed gradually by Caritas Moldova and, in 2012, with the support of Caritas Luxemburg, Kindersmissionswerk and Caritas Vienna, corresponding conditions for improved standards of space, food, educational and developmental programs and also personnel training were created. Since 2012, the centre has developed and has performed well.

Project goal: providing access to pre-school education for children living in communities with no kindergartens.

Period of implementation: 2001 – present

Beneficiaries: 26 pre-school aged children from Sloboda-Rashkov village, Camenca district

Methods of realization:

- Training/educational programme and intellectual development, of educational games

- Continuous improvement of professional level

-  Working with parents, organising excursions for children with their parents

-  Communication with authorities regarding the co-finance and accreditation of services

-  Providing children with hot meals

Achievements in 2013:

During the year 26 children from Sloboda-Rashkov received healthy food, a pre-school educational program conducted by professional teachers and their families received welfare. Educational activities aimed at the overall development of children with good results – children had contact with nature and the environment, they learned different types of development of manual skills (sculpture, modelling, design, building/construction), also they have developed their musical culture. Children were involved in exercises, which led to the improvement of their health. This resulted in social integration of these children and their physical and intellectual development.

In the learning process children have developed social and moral readiness for school. There were hours of speech development, that paid off – the kids can easily recount long stories and compose their own stories. Also, they passed a training program to develop math skills.

Children of the pre-school education centre, participated in the celebrations: St. Nicolai, Christmas, Mărţişor International Mother’s Day, Easter, International Children’s Day, where parents enjoyed a presentation of songs, poetry and sketches. For the spiritual development of the children several activities were held, educational games and participation in the Holy Liturgy.

Thanks to this project the chances of schooling of these children were raised considerably, thus 6 children graduated, were enrolled in primary education, without risk of dropout or school late.

Donator: Caritas Vienne

National Bureau Coordinator: Mariana Tanasi

Local Coordinator: Oxana Oleinic