Family reintegration and social integration of children from socially vulnerable families.

Implementation period: 2006 – Present;

Donor: Caritas Viena;

Partner: Roman Catholic Parish „The Holy Trinity”, Tiraspol;


  1. Temporary placement for children in the risk group and social apartments for young people;
  2. Social assistance and psychosocial counselling of children and their families.
  3. ”Pedagogical Assistance to do homework”, ”Drama Club”, ”Hand-Made Workshop”, “Computer Training Courses”, ”Life Skills”;
  4. Meal and school supplies, clothing, footwear;


  1. 70 children in the risk group have improved communication abilities and became more tolerant;
  2. 27 children were protected in the crisis center;
  3. 6 young people from socially vulnerable families benefited from social housing assistance;
  4. 35 children received support in the development of social skills;
  5. 25 families in need have benefited from social assistance;
  6. 2 young people managed to become independent due to the project;