Social integration of children from socially vulnerable families in the villages of Rascov, Caterinovca and Iantarnoe, Camenca district by offering alternative development opportunities.

Implementation period: 2005 – Present;

Donor: Caritas Viena;

Partner: Roman Catholic Parish „Saint Caetan”, Rascov;


  1. Cognitive Thematic Activities: ”Pedagogical Assistance to do homework”; ”Computer class”; ”Skilled Hands Workshop”;
  2. Recreational and social activities: trips, summer camps, sports competitions;
  3. Training for parents to improve the parent-child relationship and their communication;
  4. Meal, school supplies;
  1. 65 children aged 7-16 from 3 villages attended the Centre daily;
  2. 13650 lunches were offered to children during the year;
  3. 79 children attended the summer camp;
  4. 4 excursions;
  5. 11  trainings courses for civic activism and social skills;
  6. 3 children from the risk group assisted by teachers avoided the danger to hold back a year;
  7. 3 families in the tuberculosis risk group received help to prevent the disease