The project started in October 2013. It will be implemented by 4 organizations in 4 districts of the Republic of Moldova. Regina Pacis will cover five villages from the region Florești, MS Diaconia – 4 villages nearby its centre and parishes in the regions Cahul and Cantemir and Caritas Moldova – 4 villages from the Orhei district. Altruism Association will provide online psychological counseling services and will intervene in crisis situations. The project will be implemented over a period of three years. Total number of members of the target group benefiting from the project is estimated to be 16.520 people.

Project goal: The project aims to create an environment in which children and young people from rural areas are supported in developing their own perspectives – for themselves and for their peers; also it provides psychological and educational assistance for children who have no communication with their parents and/or usually pass easily into a depressed state.

Implementation: 2013 – present

Main Objectives:

  • to build up positive thinking in children from rural areas;
  • to create an environment in which children and young people are supported in developing their own perspectives;
  • to foster the idea of self-regulation and emotional control, to help young people overcome difficult situations in life and to form an optimistic view of the future;
  • to raise awareness about the situation of children in despair and of children’s needs in the community;
  • to increase public awareness of child protection issues in the country.

Methods of implementation:

  1. Drafting and Editing Guides for multipliers;
  2. Identification of areas for project implementation. Signing collaboration agreements with each community;
  3. Selecting and training of the local trainers from the locality in further implementation of activities for children;
  4. Organization of 2 summer camps for all children;
  5. Setting up of local “Youth Club” groups for children;
  6. Organization of 2 contests of small grants for all community teams;
  7. To offer regular online psychological counseling for children and teenagers, and also if it is necessary to intervene in crisis situations.

Donors: Caritas Austria with financial support of Austrian Development Cooperation

National Bureau Coordinator: Fişer Rodica


Suicide – a call for help

During 11-13 March 2014, in Chisinau, was organized the first training course entitled “Key Concepts in the field of children and youth suicide prevention “within the “Children with future – a future for children”...