Goal: capacity building of non-governmental actors and competent authorities from Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine regarding the implementation of the UN Commission recommendations concerning children’s rights.

Achievements: 90 members of the partner organizations Caritas Austria, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine that work within projects dedicated to children,  governmental actors and NGOs from these countries have consolidated their organizational capacities.

Thus, 30 specialists have participated at the launch of the project that took place during a Conference, followed by a study visit to Vienna. Members of these organisations have also organized training at Chisinau, Kiev and Minsk on the following subjects: Measures for preventing domestic violence/violence within institutions; Models and methods of parental training, family competences, parenting school, communication skills, establishing positive emotional relations between parents, including parent-child, interaction competences; Programs and measures for identifying and attenuating abuse and neglect; etc. Codes of conduct for the staff working with children were elaborated. The trained staff are able to identify types of child abuse and neglect, to identify the legislations that provide framework for child protection, to identify the obstacles of child-adult communication. Work has been done for developing advocacy and lobby position for the national legal framework.

During 15-19 April 2013, representatives of the Caritas Moldova team and specialists in Child protection from Balti and Tiraspol participated at the Conference and study visit entitled “Family – first, the rights of children – now!” in Vienna, Austria. The purpose of the study visit was to take positive practices of Vienna regarding the services for children, to revise and to adjust standards for the services dedicated to children.

During  27-29 August 2013, at Vadul-lui-Voda, employees of  the Day Care Centre in Rascov (Camenca district), Ribnita, Balti, Bender/Tighina and Preschool educational centres in Stircea (Glodeni district) and Slobozia Rascov (Camenca district), as well as employees of the Temporary placement centre “Petrusca” from Tiraspol were trained in the prevention of child abuse.

Caritas Moldova has developed the organization’s Policy on Child Protection. Parish Priests and employees from branches in Ribnita, Slobozia Rascov, Rascov, Tiraspol, Bender/Tighina and Balti worked with an expert from Austria, Mrs. Waltraud Gugerbauer, to finalize the priorities of this policy, also to establish recruitment procedures, code of conduct, how to react in case of finding out about a situation of abuse and how to interview child victims or potential victims of abuse. Caritas Moldova has identified the following main areas of child protection – abuse prevention, intervention in cases of a situation of abuse, suicide prevention and safe use of internet resources by children.


Donors: Caritas Vienna with the financial support of Austrian Development Cooperation