In 2003, due to the initiative of the Roman Catholic Parish Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the village Grigorăuca, Singerei district, a rehabilitation centre for children with special needs, with maintained intellect, was launched for children from preschool to school age. With the support of the Singerei District Council, which provided free space and support of Cordaid organization, a specialized service was created with the capacity for 15 children and the intervention of specialists: neurologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, special education teachers and social workers. Later, in 2010, with EU support, the Day Centre team developed a new resource centre for parents and professionals interested in the rehabilitation and inclusion of children with special needs. In 2013, due to effective and amiable negotiations, the rehabilitation centre service was taken over completely by Singerei District Council. The resource centre model continues to be implemented by Caritas Moldova, with the support of Caritas Luxembourg.

Goal: To inform and counsel parents and specialists as concerns the rehabilitation of children with special educational needs (SEN).


Achievements: In 2013, 15 children with SEN, 20 parents, 12 volunteers and 40 specialists interested in rehabilitation and social inclusion of children with SEN have enjoyed, during the year, the services provided by the Centre. The resource centre has provided the parents with counselling services, free consultations and access to special information in order to improve their child-family relations. Trainings and thematic seminars were also organized for specialists.

Specialists of the Centre have organized, during the year, the following activities:

28 February – training „Parent – co-therapist of his/her child”; 10 April – seminar „Communication with the beneficiaries”, at the premises of the Auxiliary School  Razalai, Singerei district, 17 April – at the premises of the Vocational school in Valea–Norocului,  5 July – at the Elderly shelter „St. George” in Draganesti; 31 May – training „The science of being a parent”, for parents of the children that are visiting  „Luminita” Centre; 15 September – training „What does it mean to be a volunteer” attended by 12 volunteers; 20 November – roundtable „Ensuring quality services for children with SEN in Singerei district” attended by representatives of the local authorities, social assistants from villages, pedagogues, parents of children with SER, volunteers, mass-media; 18 December – training „The family is the first school” for parents of the children that are visiting  „Luminita” Centre; 19 December – training „Volunteer activities within the Rehabilitation Centre” with participation of 10 volunteers from  „Olimp” and „Mihai Eminescu” High Schools from Singerei.

Donor: Caritas Luxembourg

National Bureau Coordinator: Natalia Rabei

Local Coordinator: Ludmila Hajevschi