The overall strategy is to increase the capacity of groups of youths and other community members in and around the target parishes and to motivate them to take action to identify problems in their communities and design and implement projects/initiatives – to address the problems that are most important to them.

GOAL: To raise participation of youths in community development and decision-making processes in the Republic of Moldova

Period of implementation: December 2013-2015

Beneficiaries: 300 young people aged 14-25 years old from 7 communities in the Republic of Moldova from both sides of the river Nistru (Stircea, Sloboda Rashcov, Rashcov, Rybnita, Tiraspol, Bender/Tighina and Balti).

Methods of realization:

- Training of tutors for youth ministry

- Creation of local youth volunteer groups

- Training for leaders and active youths

- Thematic meetings with youth groups

- Competition of small projects/initiatives

- Team-building activities

- Fund-raising activities

-  Organization of common events for youth volunteers

 National Bureau Coordinator: Mariana Tanasi