Aim of the project: In partnership with the local parish communities, we will promote and realize educational programs and entertainment activities based on the Christian values.

Goal of the project is: Integration of 1100 children from vulnerable families in Cretoaia, Ungheni, Chisinau, Grigarauca, Petropavlovca, Balti, Rybnita, Stauceni, Rascov, Sloboda-Rashkov, Bender into a positive atmosphere to exercise their rights thru educational programs and entertainment activities based on the Christian values.

 Implementation partners:

  1. Parish “Divine Providence”, Chisinau,
  2. Parish “St. Anthony of Padua”, Cretoaia,
  3. Parish “St. Ana”, Ungheni,
  4. Parish “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, Grigarauca,
  5. Branch of the  Parish “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, Petropavlovca,
  6. Parish “St.  Archangels”, Balti
  7. Parish “ Ascension of the Cross”, Bender
  8. Parish “ Sacred Heart of Jesus”, Stauceni
  9. Parish “St. Joseph”, Rabnita
  10. Parish “ Saint Martha”, Sloboda-Rashkov
  11. Parish “St. Caitan”, Rashkov

Implementation period – 3 years in each one by 3 month (since July 2017)

The specific objectives of the project are:

In order to integrate children from vulnerable families in positive atmosphere to exercise their rights to relax and play during summer time will be done:

  1. Creation of favourable conditions for leisure time for children, so they can develop their capacities and talents
  2. Organization of variety of activities for children in order to provide them information about their rights, to form life skills, to develop creativity and talents


This project will be a big opportunity for Caritas Moldova to create again an environment in rural and urban areas, where children and youth could develop their talents and improve the health. Parish summer camps will stimulate to a fun and effective programming for children.

Thru this project it is expected to issues few problems of the target groups as:

Children deprived of development prospects

  1. As a result of the difficult situation in the family
  2. As a result of parents abroad and lack of communication with them
  3. Due to lack of emotional control

Social exclusion and marginalization of children by their parents and peers

  1. Lack of interest from adults
  2. The inability of educational institutions to assist children at-risk
  3. Children are not provided with opportunities to participate in decision-making
  4. Community Intolerance

Communities does not provide sufficient understanding and support to children

  1. Lack of awareness of children’s needs
  2. Children do not see perspectives

Preparation phase. It is planned to be made the following activities:

  1. Training for pedagogues, which would provide new activities for children, developing their capacities and building new skills (ex. trainings like Safe internet use)
  2. To prepare a program for the summer camps in these regions;
  3. To contact the supplier, that can organize the transport for excursion thru Moldova.
  4. Purchasing of materials and installation of game equipment and accessories.
  5. The arrangement of the place. It is planned to be made the following activities:
  6. To prepare/arrange the playgrounds already existing (but not equipped) in these regions;
  7. Preparation of summer camp program and activities.


2.     The activity/programme of the summer camp.

Educators will organize daily activities according to preliminary planned schedule, which will contain the following:

Educational activity

  1. Training on different topics which will help them to assert in society, will develop life skills, communication abilities, their role and values in society, etc.

Creative and recreation activities

  1. Games (table games, computer games…)
  2. Contests (photo contest, water contest, cognitive contest, sport contest, etc)
  3. Workshops (different kind of creative applications from different materials even recyclable: flowers from leather, figures/sculpture from Peppier Mache, jewellery from fabrics, ribbons, beads, paint workshops; these workshop will help them to manifest themselves, will help them to discover their hidden potential and to create what they will be like)
  4. Excursions (discovering new places in the country, as well as exchange of experience with children from other centres which will conduct summer camp in the same time by boat trip on the river)
  5. Cinematograph or theatre, this will contribute to public education and rearing of young children, to improve indicators of cultural consumption.

Spiritual development

  1. Participation at liturgies

Healthy nutrition

  1. Daily snacks and hot meals for children

The project “Summer camps for children from Moldova” is funded by Kindermissionswerk