Moments, people and doings that cannot be forgotten

Certainly, we like to try something new, but there are things in life that everyone wants to repeat.

The second consecutive year, Caritas Moldova has set to organize holidays for children and adolescents. This year over 550 children from Mitoc, Ciocîlteni, Puţintei villages and Orhei town have participated in summer camps.

There were 5 days full of interesting things. It could be read on children’s faces a lot of joy, fun, and smile. There were 5 days in which children had the opportunity to gain experience and meet new people. Five days in which they had the opportunity to make friends.  Five days in which they learned more about them. Five days in which animators helped them understand that they might need few to do great things. Each day of summer camp was a new challenge for children. The program developed by the animators provided exciting outdoors and indoor activities. Children participated in workshops, in sport competitions and drawing contests, they learned how to work in team and watched themed movies. All these activities gave them the feeling that in the summer camp there are people who listen them, understand them and share their emotion and feelings.


Caritas Moldova sincerely thanks all teachers, volunteers and parents who offered their support in organizing summer camps.

Animators’ comments:


„It was a good experience for me as an entertainer. Many responsibilities, you have to be very patient and have an open attitude with children. The most important for me was that all children had fun – that’s what counts in the end. Children appreciated all the activities.“

„It should be mentioned that many of the children participated for the first time in summer camp. Of course there were children who returned for the second consecutive year, and that tells everything about. We tried to create a pleasant atmosphere to all of them. How? First of all it is important to greet children with smiles and enthusiasm and always to be involved in activities. A big thanks to the organizers! “

Children impressions:


“It is very expensive to go for a week to the summer camp. This camp was a big present for me. I had a great time with my friends. Personally I liked sports competitions. Actually I am good at sports. There were also other interesting activities like watching movies, discussions about what we want to become in the future, what dreams we have, what we can do for our community. ”

“I have various and beautiful impression. Every day we had fun; we learned new things and ate tasty food. We were engaged in various discussions and most important is that everyone’s opinion mattered. This year teachers organized for us many exciting activities, creative and interesting games. Ice cream was a delightful surprise.”

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