Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common genetic disease: in Europe 1 of 2,500 children is born with this disease. Unfortunately in our country the CF problem is not widely known. This makes the disease, in many cases, not being diagnosed or diagnosed late, after installing irreversible clinical complications, so that the treatment efficiency drops dramatically. In the Republic of Moldova, at an average of 40,000 births / year and given the frequency of the disease (similar to the European one), annually, 10 new cases of cystic fibrosis should register. In reality, the number of newly diagnosed cases is unacceptably low.
In 2011, Caritas Moldova expressed its attitude towards this issue and together with the donor organization Caritas Luxembourg has supported National Association “Defeat cystic fibrosis” that just had begun its activity at that time.
This project is implemented already the 4-th year consecutively and significant results were achieved regarding early detection of disease, competent monitoring, properly and continuously treatment administered to children suffering from this genetic disease.

Project goal: Contributing to the increase of the medium longevity of children with cystic fibrosis (CF);

Implementation period: 2011- present

Methods of implementation:

-  implementation of the National Program of medical and social assistance of children suffering of CF;

-  free of charge  access to the necessary medication by including them in the list of those needing compensation;

-  continuous insurance with necessary medication and food supplements;

-  creation and administration of a specialized CF centre in Chisinau well equipped and with a multidisciplinary team;

Results: A poster with the CF symptoms for medical staff was developed for the first time in Europe; Video reports about patients with CF and the activities of the Association were done; Charity events were organized; a medication that is used daily by CF patients (pancreatic enzymes) was introduced in the list of compensated medicines; the situation in the Republic of Moldova concerning cystic fibrosis  was presented at international conferences; thematic seminars were organized in several areas of the republic.

Donor: Caritas Luxembourg

National Bureau Coordinator: Iulian Mariuta