This project, initiated in 1999 with the help of Caritas Germany and CordAid, represents a successful model in home care of patients, thanks to an extensive experience of qualified medical personnel. Currently, this project is being implemented in 5 Medico-social centres: Chisinau, Stauceni, Tiraspol, Bender/Tighina, Grigorauca (Singerei district), Stircea (Glodeni district), Rascov (Camenca district).

The project carries out its activities under the license (A MMII Nr.002436) – provision of medical and therapeutic health care by medical assistants based on the medical prescriptions in outpatient and at home and the Accreditation Certificate (Nr. 1175) issued by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council in Medicine.

Goal: providing qualified medical and social assistance at home for disabled people, incurable patients and elderly persons with insufficient means for existence in: Chisinau, Stauceni, Grigorauca, Stircea, Bender/Tighina, Tiraspol, Rascov.

Period of implementation: 1999-present

Achievements: During a year, 450 patients benefit by services within the project, 17557 visits at home and 3000 social visits were done. 2000 visits at home are partially financed by the National Health Insurance Company.

A contract is signed with every beneficiary, stipulating free medical-social services provided in compliance with the prescription of the specialist doctor or the family doctor, carried out according to the individual care plan considering every patient’s needs. Additionally, house-cleaning, body hygiene, laundry of underwear and bedclothes, transportation of the patient to the territorial medical association or to the church, psychological support, training of relatives regarding care of sick or bed-ridden people, social services  (buying medicine or food stuff, domestic help) are provided.

Every Centre is equipped with a treatment room, where patients can receive primary medical care (dressing, life coefficients can be checked: blood pressure, temperature and glycaemic index).

Another category of beneficiaries is those who visit the Centre themselves for personal hygiene services (shower, laundry), communication or those who receive hot meals at home (cooked at the cantinas).

We have a qualified team of doctors and medical assistants with working experience, dedication and professionalism.

Donors: Caritas Vienna, Caritas Luxembourg, Caritas Czech Republic, National Health Insurance Company.