Goal: providing qualified medical home care both in the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau and Stauceni) and Ukraine (Harikov and Certkov).

Period of implementation: 2011-2014

Achievements: 104 elderly and ill people that are suffering from cancer, incurable patients with a limited life prognosis whose relatives are abroad. A contract is signed with every beneficiary, in accordance with the requirements of the National Health Insurance Company. Following the examination carried out by the family doctor, a plan of actions and home visits is drafted. The patients are supervised by the mobile team until the end of life. Every patient is guaranteed medicine necessary for alleviating pains and receives a symptomatic treatment. In some cases, bed-ridden patients are helped with necessary equipment: wheelchairs, mobile WC, crutches, walking sticks and other equipment that could ease their lives.

In the framework of this project, vulnerable patients receive, from time to time, sets of hygienic items and food stuff.

Donor: Caritas Vienna, with financial support of European Union

National Bureau Coordinator: Liliana Radu-Spataru