Since 1999, Caritas Moldova provides social and medical assistance and home care services for the poor and for people in difficult situation via its Medical – social Centers.

The purpose of this service is to provide qualified and accessible medical and social home care assistance to the disabled, terminally ill patients, elderly with minimum living sources; to train relatives and volunteers regarding to the special care that beneficiaries need; raising awareness and responsibility of the national and local health care institutions; to provide the necessary care for the most vulnerable.

How beneficiaries are selected?

Patients are selected according to certain criteria; these are people often recommended by the local associations of family doctors, social care departments and local communities. Priority have the  patients with severe pathologies, elderly, single people from families which cannot provide them any support, people suffering from chronic diseases or specific disease, those who don’t have sufficient existence sources. Each nurse takes care of 16-18 patients in average.

Duration of the contract with each of the patient is in average 3-6 months, depending on how the disease develops and depending on the personal needs of the patient. In some cases, there are patients who are given long-term care or for the whole life.

Another category of beneficiaries are those who can come to the center by themselves to receive medical and social assistance which includes: medical help, measuring physiological parameters, personal hygiene (shower, laundry), communication (socializing).

Methods of achievement:

  1. A contract is signed with the project beneficiary that foresees free social and medical services as prescribed by the family doctor or by specialist doctor.
  2. Services for cleaning maintenance are provided at patient’s home, personal hygiene, changing and laundry of bed linen and underwear(within the centers or at home), transporting patient to the territorial association of family doctors or to the church.
  3. Each center is equipped with a procedures cabinet where patients can receive primary medical help; they can control vital coefficients (blood pressure, temperature, glucose level).



Projects implemented within this field:


We hire a Nurse and a Social Worker

Fundatia de Binefacere “Caritas Moldova” anunţă concursul pentru postul vacant de soră medicală in cadrul Proiectului „Centre Socio-medicale de îngrijiri la domiciliu”   Până la data de 27.12.2015 vor fi depuse prin e-mail (


A donation of medical equipment

Recently, the Charity Foudation “Caritas Moldova” received a donation of medical equipment from its partner organization Caritas of  the Archdiocese of Viena.   The humanitarian aid included: multifunctional beds, gynecological seat, surgery lamp, negatoscope...


Please help

  Albina Brînzan was diagnosed with venous hemangioma and vascular malformations soon after birth. At 6 months, the girl underwent the first surgery, after which followed other surgical interventions to remove the hemangioma. Shortly after...