Caritas Rascov was created in 2005. But implementation of many activities undertaken by the branch began long before the official formation of Caritas Rascov. Thus, in 1997 the Cantina opened its doors offering lunches to its first beneficiaries. The number of beneficiaries increased from 25 persons in 1997 to 145 persons in 2009.

In the late ’90s, the Cantina started to help the kindergartens from Rascov and Iantarnoe villages with food supply. Later on, partial renovation of the kindergartens and heating system installation took place. The activities of supporting the needy population continued in 2000 through the inauguration of the Medical office, which progressed in time to a Medico-social Centre. A particular attention was paid to problems of local youth. Some children from vulnerable families did not attend the kindergarten or school, some of them did not know how to read. In order to contribute to the solving of this problem, from 2000, Caritas Rascov began the implementation of various educational activities that led to the establishment of the Creative Centre for Children and Youth. The aim of this project is to raise the school attendance and results, development of artistic skills, life skills, the primary prevention of early school abandonment, the drug and alcohol use, etc. The efforts were taken to prevent migration through a job-creating project. The main directions of activity are: medical assistance, educational programs, extreme cases, and community development.

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