Caring our common home – the Earth

With great joy we received on June 18, 2015 the new papal encyclical “Laudato Si” who takes the name from the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi – “Praised be my Lord, with all your creatures”.

Recent developments in society and its impact on the ecology and on the entire creation is concerning us all. St. Father already for a long time is addressing each of us and the community on this topic, and the new encyclical, which is not intended to be a scientific document, comes to highlight the urgency with which modern society must address environmental concerns.

Responsibility is of everyone – at the individual, local, regional, national, international levels, between countries, within each country, with greater attention towards the weak and fragile members of the society. Each has to contribute to our common home – the Earth, through small daily gestures that have ecological impact on social and environment.

Happy reading!

The text of the Encyclical here

More info is available on Caritas Europa

and Presentation of the Encyclical “Be praised: on the care of our common home” 2015.06.18

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