Take an action and join us on the World Suicide Prevention Day!

Yearly on 10th of September, it is marked the World Suicide Prevention Day. It is the day that wants to inspire optimism and hope in people’s heart, and encourage them to deal with their problems and overcome challenges in life; it suggests that life is still profoundly beautiful and worth living despite the bad things that sometimes happens.

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Say “Yes” to life! -this is the message that we decided to promote. In this regard, Charity Foundation „Caritas Moldova“ will be present for the second consecutive year in the Public Garden “Ştefan cel Mare” organizing activities together with her partners: Foundation „Regina Pacis“, Social Mission „Diaconia“ and Association „Altruism“. This event is a part of the Project “Children with Future – Future for Children”.

We invite you to join our special events on September 10 and to visit our “Encouraging town” starting at 16.00. The program will include workshops, board games and ice-breaking games for children and youth. On the improvised stage of our Town, there were invited to sing local pop stars and young performers. Here, all those present will find “Encouraging Gallery” – an exhibition of pictures dedicated to World Suicide Prevention Day.

The event will culminate with the traditional „light a candle“ ritual in memory of those who gave up on life by suicide. This suggests that lives of thousands of people could be saved through suicide prevention.

Video resources   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80nV34B56_4 and encouragement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akoHS3TglRk

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