Home Care for the sick and lonely elderly

On March 26, within „Bridge the gap“ Project, MRC Caritas Moldova has organized a Steering Committee Meeting of NGOs working in the field of home care assistance. At the Meeting, representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, coordinators and directors of NGOs and representatives of mass media were invited.

In the context of the strategic directions established by Caritas Moldova for 2012-2016, Mrs. Otilia Sîrbu, director of Caritas Moldova spoke about the importance of home care services in the Republic of Moldova and the organization’s experience in this field. Mrs. Liliana Radu, coordinator of Caritas Moldova Medical Department presented the results of Sociological Report done within “Bridge the gap” Project. The given Report highlighted the migration issue in Moldova and the impact it has on the elderly. Lonely elderly live in unimaginable poverty, having no close people to take care of them.

Representatives of Ministries have offered answers on requests made at the last Steering Committee Meeting that took place on February12, 2014.

During the meeting, the participants shared their knowledge and experience in the field of home care services. There were identified the major problems in health care, also discussions were carried out regarding provision of complex  medico-social  services and developing a strategy for establishing the costs for social component.

The exchange of experience within the Meeting is very important as it will contribute to the writing and successful implementation of new projects needed in the medico-social  field.