Down Syndrome Awareness Month

1 child in 800 worldwide suffers from Down syndrome. However, many people still look at this syndrome from the perspective of stereotypes and misconceptions.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month, celebrated every October, is a way to change this by raising awareness about Down Syndrome and promoting people who, despite this problem, have proven they can have beautiful achievements in their lives.


This was done by the group of volunteers from YoungCaritasMoldova. During the October 30th meeting, they discussed awareness of Down Syndrome, the acceptance of children and young people with Down Syndrome in our society, as well as the social integration of these special children, who can give so much love and soul peace to all those who can. accept and understand them, a pure love sprung from the heart, a sincere love, which makes you understand that you can be better!

October is the month of awareness of Down Syndrome, and for us at Caritas Moldova, yellow and blue are the colors of hope!