We never forget what we learn with pleasure

During 2-6 June 2014, Caritas Moldova has organized summer camps for children from Orhei city, Mitoc, Ciocalteni and Putintei villages. Summer camps are a part of the project “Children with future – a future for children”, financially supported by Austrian Development Cooperation in partnership with Caritas Austria. Summer camp program included five days of fun and enjoyable, exciting educational activities. Active involvement of all children was encouraged and an atmosphere of collaboration, open and free communication was promoted. Participants discussed about difficult situations of everyday life, topics related to personal development, self-knowledge, how to communicate effectively and solve conflicts, about their own values and future plans. Children were guided to discover their own potential and to evaluate it objectively for a better orientation in life, to overcome easily problems and difficult situations.

For many children the summer camp has offered many positive emotions, new things and opportunity to socialize with other peers. In this context, Caritas Moldova wants to thank all moderators for their contribution in organizing activities and for creating a favorable, relaxing climate for children. Caritas Moldova collected also impressions and suggestions of the participants, to improve the organization of summer camps in the next year. Below are some of the impressions:

“I really enjoyed this camp. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to go to a summer camp because it is very expensive. Here I found everything I wanted: friends, fun and sweets. I liked very much the fact that we talked freely and the opinion of each child mattered. I look forward to next summer. “

“It was a wonderful summer camp. I played football with my friends and I enjoyed specially playing checkers. I prepared a dance for the concert on the last day of camp, so I show to all people my talent and I was admired. Ice cream was a pleasant surprise for me, and also for my friends.“

“Even if the summer camp was within the school, I did not felt like being at school. We had exciting activities, we discussed children problems and how they can be overcome, about what we want to become in the future, about dreams we have. I want to become an archaeologist, it is an interesting profession for me. I will definitely come back next year.“

“This is my first summer camp. I enjoyed every moment spent here, especially sweets. My parents can’t afford to take me to a summer camp and I rarely eat sweets. I thank the organizers for fun and good time spent here. Next year, I expect more exciting activities and creative games.“

Summer camps within the project “Children with future – a future for children” took place also in other 10 villages of 3 districts: Cahul, Cantemir, Floresti being organized by “Regina Pacis” Foundation and Social Mission “Diaconia”. It should be mentioned that “Altruism” Association provides online counselling and intervention in crisis situation (www.pentruviata.md).