Field of activity: Organizational Development, Advocacy and Promotion

The Moral–spiritual and professional training, requalification and education of staff and volunteers

Moral–spiritual and professional training and requalification of the staff and volunteers has to represent an important element for each programme of Caritas Moldova in order to insure that a qualitative assistance is provided to our beneficiaries, in line with the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, and professional norms and standards into force in the Republic of Moldova.

The Consolidation of the processes of organisational development

As Social Department of the Chisinau Diocese, Caritas Moldova will intensify the development of the existing local Caritas Branches and will encourage the creation of new ones, will cooperate with the parishes to create and develop the local initiative groups, solving together the social problems in the community; will promote programmes organisational development and promotion of the Mission at local, national and international levels.

Actions of promotion and advocacy

Caritas Moldova staff will undertake actions of promotion and advocacy of the Mission among the local and national authorities in order to recognise, accredit and co-finance its programmes. In the same time, measures will be undertaken to increase the visibility of Caritas Moldova, its branches and programmes among people, business community in order to collect local funds for its social programmes.

 Caritas Moldova implements the following fields of activity: