As part of Caritas Moldova’s Strategic Plan 2012 one of the goals was to take action on promoting and advocating the mission amongst local and national authorities for recognition, accreditation and co-financing of its programs. At the same time, measures were taken to increase the visibility of Caritas Moldova, its subsidiaries and programs amongst the population, businesses, and collection of local funds for social programs.

The campaign Candle Charity Faith took place from 5 April to 12 May 2014, and was attended by 18 Roman Catholic parishes, three commercial agents and a university.

Campaign goals:

  • Support the Global Campaign for anti-hunger and education charities.
  • Collect donations for people suffering from famine in 13 regions of Moldova on both banks of river Nistru. Each candle offers a lunch to people who are in extreme poverty.

Roman Catholic Church Parishioners and others were informed about the campaign against hunger, and are more aware of the message of this campaign and charities. Caritas Moldova raised funds during Lent by selling 1000 candles. This was used for food procurement in participating parishes and social projects, for people who suffer from hunger.

Donor: Catholic Relief Service

Also on April 12, 2014, MRC Caritas Moldova, in partnership with social Mission Diaconia held a food collection campaign in Balti and Stăuceni, for those whose Easter table is not a holiday meal. Thanks to receptive, generous and solidary customers we organized a Table of Joy!

Food was collected with the help of 12 young, energetic and enthusiastic volunteers in the stores:

  • 400 kg in Green Hills Balti
  • 125 kg in  Fidesco Balti
  • 250 kg in  Linella Stăuceni

“I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised that our village residents were so receptive and generous” said Fr Roman from Stăuceni commune.

The volunteers involved collected goods and prepared them for distribution for 40 lonely elderly in Glodeni, 35 in Grigorăuca, Sîngerei region and 20 from Staucen, i Chisinau. 200 kg of the remaining food was used for daily food of the common recipients at the Social Canteen in Stăuceni.


Donate against poverty.

On Easter Eve we invite you to donate any non perishable food products for the neediest of us. You can donate on 24th and 25th of March at Velmart hypermakets on the adresses: -         3 Brâncuși  Str....


Your help is important!

On July 15 we started the campaign “Your help is important”. A small donation means food, clothing, toys, medicines or books for deprived children who don’t have the chance to grow up and to...