Increasing the service performance of Caritas Moldova has been a priority of the organization since its establishment. In 2012, Caritas Moldova revised targets for staff capacity in its new Strategic Plan:

Consolidation of organisational development processes

As part of the social department of the Chisinau Diocese, Caritas Moldova will:

  • intensify the development of the existing local Caritas branches and will encourage the creation of new ones;
  •  cooperate with the parishes to create and develop the local initiative groups, working together to help solve the social problems in the community;
  • promote programmes of organisational development and promotion of the Mission at local, national and international levels.

Introduction of performance standards within the organisation at staff and programme level

In order to ensure the competitiveness and quality of work and results, Caritas Moldova will create, adjust and revise the performance standards for the staff, as well as for the implemented programmes.

Moral–spiritual and professional training, requalification and education of staff and volunteers

Moral–spiritual and professional training and requalification of the staff and volunteers has to represent an important element for each programme of Caritas Moldova. This is to ensure that a qualitative assistance is provided to our beneficiaries, in line with the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, and professional norms and standards in force in the Republic of Moldova.

Promotion of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church

Staff of Caritas Moldova have to be witnesses to proceedings and promoters of the evangelical values and social doctrine of the Catholic Church. They have to promote human dignity, solidarity, Christian empathy and care.  The holy nature of life, equality of people, free access to resources, social and economic justice, care towards the created? world, and participation within the local community

Achievements in 2013:

During 3-8th March 2013, four employees of Caritas Moldova were invited to participate in training organized by Caritas Timisoara at the initiative of and with the support of Komensky Fund and Caritas Austria. Through this training they acquired skills in project presentation, writing articles for the media, giving interviews and taking pictures.

During 15-19 April 2013, representatives of the Caritas Moldova team and specialists in Child protection from Balti and Tiraspol participated at the Conference and study visit entitled “Family – first, the rights of children – now!” in Vienna, Austria. Presented at the Conference were the activities of the Austrian organisation Lobby4Kids, ECPAT, Youth Community Centres in Vienna, Children and youth Advocate from Vienna and Austrian League for the health of children and youths.


On July 3, 2013 Caritas Moldova organized training for its branches in Camenca district (Rascov, Slobozia Rascov) and Tiraspol. 17 young people have signed-up for volunteering within Young Caritas network.


During  27 – 29 August 2013, at Vadul-lui- Voda, training in the prevention of child abuse was delivered to 23 employees of  the Day Centre in Rascov (Camenca district), Ribnita, Balti, Tighina (Bender) and Preschool educational centers in Stircea (Glodeni district) and Slobozia Rascov (Camenca district), as well as employees of the Temporary placement centre “Petrusca” from Tiraspol.

The event was held as part of Caritas Moldova project “Family – first, the rights of children – now!” together with Caritas Austria and with the Austrian Development Cooperation financial support.


The Caritas Moldova General Assembly was held on 20 September 2013. It is an event organised every year that reunites National Office staff, representatives of all Caritas Moldova branches and diocesan organisations.

On 25th of September 2013, training for medical staff of Caritas Moldova was held at the Don Bosco Foundation. The main theme of the training was: Professional burnout syndrome, prevention and recovery methods. 20 people from Caritas Moldova Socio-medical centres participated at the training: Stircea, Grigorauca, Tiraspol-Tighina (Bender), Rascov, Chisinau-Stauceni.

During 1-3 October 2013, Caritas Moldova Mission developed the organization’s policy on Child Protection. Priests, directors and managers of services for children from 6 parishes in Ribnita, Slobozia Rascov, Rascov, Tiraspol, Tighina (Bender) and Balti worked with an expert from Austria, Mrs. Waltraud Gugerbauer, to finalize the priorities of this policy. They also worked on how to establish recruitment procedures, code of conduct, how to react in to discovering a case of abuse and how to interview a child victim or a potential victim of abuse. The event was held as part of Caritas Moldova project “Family – first, the rights of children – now!” together with Caritas Austria and the support of the Austrian Development Cooperation.

During 10-11 October, representatives of Caritas Moldova attended the Regional Conference in Kiev as part of the project “Together for a better life”. During the conference, various topics were discussed including the situation in the palliative care field in Ukraine and Moldova, the difficulties encountered, and work experience in different regions.


During 20-21 November 2013, 2 representatives of the Caritas Moldova team participated at the Scientific-practical conference “Foster family – experience, problems and perspectives” held in Minsk by the Religious Mission Caritas Belarus.

The annual meeting of Caritas Moldova for partners from the Caritas Europa Federation took place on Wednesday, 27 November 2013, held at the European Educational Centre “Fides”. This event brought together representatives from Caritas organizations in Vienna, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Luxembourg.