During the meetings of the working group (which includes representatives of NGOs, Ministry of Health and National Health Insurance companies and the contribution of Caritas Moldova) new medical standards for home care systems have been developed and approved, according to the order N851 of the Ministry of Health as of 29.07.2013.

Details of new medical standards in home care system include:

  • A complete list of approved drugs;
  • Developing degrees of independence of patients;
  • Basic principles of home care services;
  • Patient Evaluation form;
  • Notice of the family doctor or hospital specialist;
  • the number of provided services and required documentation approved by the Ministry of Health;
  • Responsibilities and rights of nurses, family doctors and doctors from NGOs;
  • How long the services are provided and the possibility to continue;
  • Law and ethics in home care: the rights of beneficiaries, providers and protection against abuse;
  • Evaluation and monitoring of services;
  • Human resources and staff training;
  • Interdisciplinary team (medical structure, family, volunteers);
  • Information management (internal and external communication);
  • Data recording and archiving;
  • Infection and risk control (for beneficiaries and providers);
  • Sources of funding, monitoring and evaluation.

Progress was also achieved towards:

  • Reimbursement of social services provided, together with the medical services from the National Health Insurance Company;
  • Increase in the amount offered by the state for medical services provided at home;
  • Reducing the number of patients denied of medical care;
  • Involvement of local and national parties in solving the elderly and bedridden patients’ problems.

Coordinator National Office: Liliana Spataru