Training: “Parental Responsibility in Child Education”

On November 7, a seminar for parents was held at the „Day Center for Children in  Sloboda – Raşcov”, with the theme “Parents Responsibility in Child Education”.

“Usually, parents understand education so:” so I was educated, in the same way I educated and my children. “But education is like a profession, you need to know methods, techniques, approaches, and more”  – Oxana Oleinic, project coordinator

During this training, they were discussed important issues that have caused many of them to think. At the same time, parents received informative material and were invited to dialogue and meditation: What does the responsibility of child education mean? Who is involved in the education process? How is the parent accountable? How is the parent responsible for child development? What does child safety responsibility mean? Why not all parents educate their children in a correct way and what are the consequences? What do you need to do for productive dialogue with your child?

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On these questions we worked with all the participants, the parents were actively involved, and they could see their achievements and omissions in educating their children.
At the end of this training, the children were also invited to join the discussions, we talked about examples of education and each shared their education experience in their families.

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“Thanks to Caritas Vienna and Caritas Moldova for the opportunity offered to run this seminar for the villagers through the project “Day Center for Children in Sloboda-Rascov”- Oxana Oleinic, project coordinator