The primordial role of the campaigns organized by Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova is raising public awareness and especially, educating society about the necessity of Christian charity, to get support in implementing our programs. In those 21 years of existence, Caritas successfully intervened, through social programs for those in difficulty, where the state does not have enough resources to do so.

Caritas culture is to give a prompt response to the needs of disadvantaged social groups, often ignored. We are called to create support services, there, where it does not exist and through our example, to urge others to take over and to and to solve these social problems.

Caritas campaigns are focused on:
  1. Awareness among society of the need for help to our fellows; educating community members strive to respond, first, to needy people around them;
  2. Providing the ability to re-integrate into society to the poor and disadvantaged, and suggesting solutions for the Protection of dignity and human rights;
  3. Cooperation with other national and international organizations of development and humanitarian relief;
  4. Strengthening of partnerships with state authorities and businesses;
Caritas Moldova is addressing with gratitude to all its donors and partners that have helped the Mission until present to achieve its goals and promote the values of the social teaching of the Catholic Church.
We also appreciate the staff and volunteers from the local teams of Caritas parishes, for their active participation and, of course, we would like to thank beneficiaries of the Mission for trusting our programs and us.