Summer camp in the village of Sloboda Rascov

Between 21-28 August 2017, a summer camp for children and young people was organized in the village of Sloboda Rascov, Camenca. During the 7 days spent at the camp, activities for the children were organized including: promoting a healthy lifestyle, spiritual development, sports competitions, games, lessons, documentary films and cartoon watching, excursions hiking, boating, and visiting monasteries, dances, flash-mobs, creative workshops, motivational methods of leadership and management in the camp.




The children were divided into age groups, the largest ones, grades VII – IX – 17 children, and the youngest, grades II – IV – 26 children. In addition, a different program of activities was prepared for each group. For the little ones, the activities were based on promoting healthy lifestyles, and for the big ones – English lessons moderated by 4 Polish volunteers. Children in both groups are meeting during prayers, and during lunch. Children in the larger group also had the role of being volunteers for children in the small group.




The children were pleased with the organized activities, this being understood from the fact that every day, from the beginning of the day to the end, all the children enrolled in the camp were present. Even after the daily schedule, some children remained on the playground in the church. And those in the big group enjoyed English lessons, and after the lesson, they were still watching video lessons or documentary films. These English lessons are currently the only alternative for children to study the language.

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„Particularly, children enjoyed dancing lessons, common trips with campfire and songs, as well as boat trips on the Dniester River. They have unforgettable impressions.”

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At camp, children had a complete and healthy food, vegetables and fruits, and the most beloved treat – ice cream every day. Thus, before the start of the school year, children positively charged with physical energy for studies.

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„In our rural conditions, far from the possibilities and development of younger generations (apart from general school, there are no other conditions for children’s development), the summer camp is a great alternative to development and leisure time for children and young people, to attract and involve volunteers in the project.”  - Oxana Oleinic, Project Coordinator


We would like to thank the organizers of Caritas Moldova, the sponsors and all the volunteers who have been involved in the activities of the summer camp in Sloboda-Rascov.

The project “Summer camps for children from Moldova” is funded by Kindermissionswerk