Summer camp for children in the village of Petropavlovca, Singerei

Traditionally, each summer, the St. Peter and Paul Parish in the village of Petropavlovca organizes the Christian camp for children “Energia”, to which all the village children are invited.

This year, from 14 to 31 August 2017, Caritas Moldova with the financial support of the Children’s Fund of the Catholic Church in Germany, Kindermissionswerk, organized the camp in this village within the project “Summer Camp for Children in Moldova”, to which 50 children aged 3-14, 10 animators and 5 volunteers participated.

The Christian camp is an environment where God acts more intensely in the hearts and lives of people than in ordinary conditions.


The first day of the camp began with the reception of children, their equipping with t-shirts, camps and camp emblems, and their involvement in knowledge activities. Animators have organized children into age and interest groups to involve them more effectively in planned educational and entertainment activities: drawing and painting, hand-made workshops, sports games, songs and dances.

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Each day of the camp began at 9.00 with the participation in the Divine Liturgy, where all the children took part and together they sang, prayed and glorified the Lord Jesus Christ. After the Divine Liturgy, they watched a religious-themed film, and then attended workshops and sports games.

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A special role has the organization. Throughout the day, the animators were constantly with the children, accompanying them in all activities. Every day, in groups, the children made different objects with their hands, and on the last day of the camp, the animators chose the best works and awarded the children for their success with hoodies and shirts.

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Children’s behavior in the camp is largely determined by the mentor’s behavior. The main conditions for success are love, understanding, patience and reasonable rigor.


On Saturday, all children went on a trip to the zoo in Chisinau. The children were impressed and satisfied with this trip.

The end of the camp took place Sunday after the liturgy; the children presented the scenes and musical pieces prepared during the camp.

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We will faithfully expect the Lord to give us grace and strength to serve even more children and teenagers next summer!

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The project “Summer camps for children from Moldova” is funded by Kindermissionswerk