Training for nurses


On 21 May was organized a training for all nurses from the social-medical centers of Caritas Moldova: Stârcea, Grigorăuca, Rașcov, Tiraspol, Bender, Chișinău and Stăuceni.

The theme of the training:

  • Sanitary and epidemiological regulations and rules of Medical Centers. The rights and duties of the medical staff. Infectious diseases commonly found in Republic of Moldova and the rules of alerting responsible authorities.
  • Pressure ulcers and diabetic foot, innovative methods of treatment and prevention of complications.

The representatives of the National Center for Public Health from Chisinau were invited to this training as well. Together with them were reviewed the most important rules and regulations of Caritas Moldova medical centers.


As well, the experts have warned about the health situation in the whole country, the disease with high risk of transmission (HIV, hepatitis B, C, D) and told about prevention methods.

The second part of the training was focused on the methods of care for patients with diabetic foot, prevention of complications and on an innovative range of treatments.

Also, decubitus of bedridden patients, prevention and their medical treatment.

This topic was presented by a specialist with extensive experience in the field of surgical and palliative care.

The nurses shared their experiences and exchanged views on some aspects of care and support, and discussed the results of the assistance provided in time.

We hope that in the future, we will have the possibility to participate in new trainings and discuss other new topics.