Training for parents ”The paths of parents’ love”

Day center for children in Balti is working intensively with the parents whose children benefit of the center’s services. The teachers of this center organize regularly meetings and work-shops with parents with the aim to improve the relationships and communication between children and parents.

In this context the teacher of the center, Janna Livitcaia, organized on March 6, 2018 training for parents with the title “The paths of parents’ love”. The objective of this training was to make parents aware of their relationships with their children and to contribute to the understanding of their children.

The training approached such subjects as: the mission of being a parent as one the most important missions, wisdom in the educational process and communication between parents and children.
The participants appreciated the importance of organizing such trainings on these topics, so relevant and important in a society where we don’t have enough time for communication with our children.