World Day of the Poor in Republic of Moldova

Charity activities are being organized these days at local Caritas of the Charity Foundation “Caritas Moldova” for celebrating the first World Day of the poor; this year it was be celebrated on Sunday, the 19th of November.
Pope Francisco came with the initiative to organize a day for poor, last year, to help those who are at the limits of poverty. We don’t have the right to pass by them indifferently.

“For celebrating the first World Day of the Poor, Pope Francisco encourages us to involve personally…”

The Pope reminds us that we should see Christ in each poor person. We can’t say we love God if we disregard at least one of those who are sidelined in the society. It is not enough to give them food, as long as their hearts continue to suffer. Poverty is a multidimensional problem and must be exterminated from its grounds. With the support of Roman Catholic Bishopric of Chisinau, the Charity Foundation “Caritas Moldova” through Local Caritas organizations organized a series of solidarity actions.

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In the context of celebration of this day, local parishes informed the parishioners about Pope Francisco’s initiative and were organized different actions on local level:

  1. Spreading the “Message of Poe Francisco on World Day of the Poor” in all Christian communities;
  2. Holy Mass on World Day of the Poor for a common prayer for the poor;
  3. Charity events – collecting and distribution of food, clothing, medications and other things needed for those in poverty;
  4. Home visits of elderly and disabled persons.
Here are some activities organized by local Caritas in partnership with local roman-catholic parishes for celebrating the World Day of the Poor.

„The poor are not just a chance to serve Christ, however, he said. They also offer us an opportunity to step outside of our places of comfort and certainty and acknowledge the counter-cultural view that poverty has a value even in itself.”

Starting with the World Day of Elderly, Caritas Chisinau together with the parish St.Anton of Padova from Cretoaia village decided to help the poor from this locality. Follow the link ( After long visits at the homes of those in need and bringing the joy of that day, we reached Mezia, whose history couldn’t leave us indifferent. Last winter she was on the streets. She was walking barefoot begging for food. In this way she survived for several years. In the end her legs were frozen and amputated. Her brother offered her a room in his house but he works on night shifts and can’t offer her the necessary care. When we visited her for the first time she was living in unbelievable conditions. She needs permanent care, especially regarding personal hygiene. A person is needed who will cook for her and will keep the place warm. Mezia lives in a cold room with no heating devices and with the cracked windows.

We wanted to bring her exactly what she needed; that is why we offered a washable mattress, an electrical heating device, a mobile WC chair, food stuff, clothes and hygiene items. Together with Sister Tonya we changed the sheets and cleaned the room; we repaired the cracked windows and isolated them for winter.

“Our personal involvement in this situation made us understand what poverty and disability really means; it made us more sensitive.”

Last week we visited a young family from Vasieni. We were contacted by the neighbor who told us about the difficult situation a family with 5 children has to confront daily. They rent an old house with one room. Their only income source is the children’s allowance. The father works occasionally. They were very grateful for the donation we brought from people with good hearts: clothes, diapers, toys, food stuff including sweets and a washing machine.

On Sunday, the 19th of November, at the roman- catholic parish “Divine Providence” from Chisinau a prayer for the poor was organized and meditating upon Pope’s message.

With the support of Caritas Moldova, 35 food packages were prepared for the poor.

“Blessed are the open hands that ask nothing in exchange, with no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ or ‘maybes:’ they are hands that call down God’s blessing upon their brothers and sisters”.

The charity event “Help your neighbor” was commenced at the medical – social center Caritas from Starcea, Glodeni together with the volunteers from the roman- catholic parish Regina Sf. Rosario. This event was supported by the local Polish House from Starcea who offered 75 packages of food products that were distributed to disabled persons.

“Blessed are the hands that reach beyond every barrier of culture, religion and nationality, and pour the balm of consolation over the wounds of humanity.”

The volunteers from Roman Catholic parish St.Joseph from the locality, organized on this day activities at the Day Centre for Children and Day Centre for the Elderly. The activities started with prayers for the health and wellbeing of disabled children. The parents of disabled children also participated at these activities. At Caritas Rabnita a meeting with the poor was organized combined with entertainment activities. 20 children from underprivileged families received school supplies. On the World Day of the Poor warm lunches were offered for 40 poor people.

The same time Caritas Rabnita employees visited 10 ill persons and brought them presents. 7 employees and 5 volunteers were involved in organizing the activities for the World Day of the Poor.

The Medical Social Center and the Day Care center for children “Petruska” together with Roman Catholic parish St.Trinity from Tiraspol involved actively in promoting the World Day of the Poor and the Pope Francisco’s message among parishioners of the community. For this event Caritas team together with volunteers from the parish prepared informative materials and placed donation boxes for the needy who address for help at the parish. On Sunday, the 19th of November the Holly Mass for the World Day of the Poor was organized at the local parish.

Membrii echipei Caritas de la „Centrul de zi pentru copii din s. Sloboda-Rașcov” împreună cu voluntarii Parohiei Romano-Catolice „Sf. Marta” au organizat o colectă de donații pentru persoanele vulnerabile din localitate, iar localnicii s-au implicat cu mărinimie în acțiunea de binefacere de „Ziua Mondială a Săracilor” și au împărțit din puținul lor cu cei mai nevoiași.


„We are grateful to all our donors and to all who supported the charity activities. God bless you all.”

Caritas Moldova team.