Statement on the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice – 20 February 2013


Social Justice is a fundamental principle to tackle poverty

On the World Day of Social Justice, Caritas Moldova together with Caritas Europa calls on politicians and decision-makers of the Republic of Moldova to acknowledge social justice as a fundamental principle in tackling poverty and social exclusion.

In 2012, in the Republic of Moldova, 590 719 people, which is 16, 6 % of the population, were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, and every third child in rural area lived in poverty. Our policy and decision-makers should commit themselves to take serious steps to significantly reduce these figures since there are still many people experiencing poverty and social exclusion in our country.

Promotion of social justice is a task to be fulfilled by the Republic of Moldova and Caritas Moldova, whose mission includes promotion of social justice, urging central and local authorities to give a greater importance to true social justice in today’s profoundly changed environment. Social justice concerns the social, political and economic aspects and, above all, the structural dimension of problems and their respective solutions (Para 201 of the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church).

This is to say that the central and local authorities must develop policies and laws which respect the interdependentness and interrelatedness of economic and social development in a sustainable way when working on eradication of poverty and social exclusion. True social justice requires strong commitment to both of these aspects because without economic growth there are no adequate resources for social development and without investing in social protection system, social inclusion and social services there is no long-term and stable economic development.

“The water and electricity have been cut off from my home because my parents cannot afford to pay the bills. I am very worried.” – says the 9 years old Maria. When it comes to economic and social development, decision-makers of the central and local authorities are encouraged to keep in mind that the dignity of each person and the pursuit of the common good are concerns which ought to shape all policies of our society.

Inspired by the voices of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion Caritas Moldova calls on politicians and decision-makers at local, regional, national levels to tackle child and family poverty and social exclusion as a matter of high priority and not to hesitate giving real practical effect to the fundamental principle of social justice.