Project goal: social integration of children from disadvantaged families and children from boarding schools by developing skills in the Creative workshop for children, Caritas Bender/Tighina.   

Period of implementation: 2004 – present

Beneficiaries: children from socially vulnerable families with creative abilities aged 9-17 years and children in residential institutions.

Methods of implementation:

- Creative activities: painting on printed fabric, manufacturing soft toys, embroidery, wood manufacturing, Artful hands

- Psycho-social counselling, spiritual education

- Entertainment activities, development of interpersonal relationships and child orientation to Christian values

- Providing children with hot meals


Working with children in this project helps them to develop skills in the process of self-organization, helps them to develop creativity, independence, capacity to be active. Various workshops allow children to develop their hidden potential and to organize their leisure time.  Thus, in 2013 the following was achieved:

  1. Workshop Artful hands: 14 children created a new style of embroidery (combined with beads and ribbons) and soft toys.
  2. Embroidery workshop: 12 children from the orphanage created ​​decorative towels, soft toys and processed wood.
  3. Painting on batik: 16 children were involved in landscapes / drawing designs, shaping lines with wax and transferring the colours on batik.
  4. Christian ethics, during the lessons, 18 children learned the most important and vital Christian values, and how these values can be applied in their daily life.

What attitude Christians should have in society, how to communicate / understand neighbours, etc.

  1. Fundamental principles of ethic within a society and family: In this workshop, 9 children learned the roles of parents in families, what obligations members of the family have to each other. How to behave in society (school, home or playing with friends).
  2. Workshop of soft toys: 15 children from the orphanage made ​​plush toys and theatre dolls, and then presented skits which were their own creation.

During these activities, children have acquired dialogic communication skills, experience of conflict resolution, learned to apply their abilities, and practical knowledge helping to find independent solutions in different situations.


Donor: Caritas Cehia

National Bureau Coordinator: Mariana Tanasi

Local coordinator: Lidia Ribina