Redirect 2% – be an involved citizen!

Redirect 2% from already paid to the state taxes to the Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova 

The 2% law is a fiscal transparency mechanism that allows the taxpayers, physical entities to transfer 2 % of their income tax to a NGO (association or foundation). Learn more about Law 2% …

It is simple and it is cost free!  

Insert the fiscal code 1015620003945 in the annual income declaration!

In the tax period January 1 – April 30, 2018 physical entities must submit the Income Declaration for 2017 at the State Tax InspectorateThere will be a subdivision meant for the 2% in the income declaration starting with 2017. The taxpayer, physical entity writes only the fiscal code of the NGO for which he offers the 2% of his income.


You decide where your money goes!  

The Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova is a non-commercial NGO that doesn’t have any income generating activities. Our charity and humanitarian activities contribute to poverty reduction and to creating a fair social system. Our only financing sources are donations and sponsorships.

You can make sure that a part of the money retained in the budget reach their purpose and namely to a professional team, that has an experience of more than 22 years in social and health care fields, on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Caritas Moldova will develop financial reports regarding the spent financial sources to ensure the transparency in spending the public money. The obtained money will be used for supporting and development of assistance and help programmes:

  1. Social assistance for vulnerable persons (humanitarian aid /warm lunches / monthly food packages/informational consultancy)
  2. Social and health care assistance (Health Care centres / Home Care Services)
  3. Education, Prevention, Youth (Educational Programmes, prevention of school dropout, social integration of the children from vulnerable families)

Get involved in the 2% Campaign! It doesn’t cost you anything!

The Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova thanks all donors for the financial support within the “2% Campaign”. We are happy to announce that due to your involvement, 16497 lei were redirected to Caritas Moldova in 2017. With this amount of money, we decided to help those most in need of our beneficiaries: patients bedridden and children from disadvantaged families.Taking into account the daily needs of these people, were purchased for 50 elderly – bed protection sheets and diapers; for 20 children from disadvantaged families – diapers. Read the read the whole article…

Thank you for support!

Caritas Moldova Team