Compassion for the Ukrainian people
At Caritas Moldova LOVE gives us the strength to make the impossible come true. Love transforms, outlines, raises to the highest heights,assembles, supports, encourages and embellishes the future. The future is mirrored in the children of the Republic of Moldova. Children need a supportive environment, where parents, care givers and teachers have the skills and abilities to provide Love and Support, interacting with them and encouraging children in a worthwhile way, which helps them develop durable emotional relationships.
Caritas Moldova acordă servicii de îngrijiri medicale și sociale săracilor, si persoanelor aflate în dificultate prin intermediu centrelor medico – sociale, încă din 1999. Scopul acestui serviciu este acordarea asistenței medico-sociale calificate și accesibile, la domiciliu, persoanelor cu dezabilitați, bolnavilor incurabili, bătrânilor cu surse minime de existență, instruirea rudelor și voluntarilor în
The Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation provides medical and social care services to beneficiaries, the elderly, lonely people, with incurable diseases, serious condition, in advanced stages of various diseases. We provide care to our beneficiaries, right at home, through the experience of nurses and social workers for more than 20 years, since 1999.