Be Volunteer

Be Volunteer

The mission of the Caritas Moldova volunteers is to contribute to an irreversible change in the Moldovan society by developing the skills and abilities of young people and other members of the collectivity and increasing their commitments in creating and facilitating this change as a valuable resource of the community.
Young Caritas Moldova volunteers are focusing on several main areas of involvement:
- Achieving a sound level of social, economic, psychological and civic skills and abilities for supporting Caritas Moldova programs;
- Providing support and solidarity actions for the beneficiaries (children, elderly, vulnerable families, marginalized youngsters) of the Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation;
- Attracting and collecting additional resources for improving the lives of the vulnerable people in Moldova (by organizing/participating in charity events and campaigns);
- Participating in ecological and emergency aid training for improving the youth resilience and help in some critical situations;
- Job-shadowing activities - the "backstage" of Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation headquarters.

What can you offer?

Becoming a volunteer you donate your time and knowledge. Your time is a precious gift for someone who needs help. You can get involved in activities with children, youth and elders in one of the regions where Caritas Moldova operates

What will you receive back?

  • Your personal satisfaction!
  • Smile, appreciation and gratitude of our beneficiaries!
  • Experience in networking with people, teamwork, planning of the activities!
  • A voluntary agreement, which confirms your work experience and will add essential value to your CV for further employers!
Mihaela Racoviță
Mihaela Racoviță
Project coordinator

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